Shri Vichaar Chandrodaya (English)

This course is an insightful series of Master's elucidation on Shri Vichaar Chandrodaya, a scripture that unveils the essence of Vedanta, as one after another, each of its sixteen chapters open a window giving a glimpse of the lofty pinnacle of human existence.
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What is Atman? Who is Ishwara? Can jeeva break-free from the shackles of maya? Silence all the lingering questions and drop the skepticism with the sharp piercing sword of Vedanta.
Here, with this new life changing course of 'Vichaar Chandrodaya', we bring forth to you, an opportunity to unravel the truth of this apparent world and the reality of the Absolute Self.
The Revered Master Anandmurti Gurumaa, with her outpouring compassion has lucidly expounded upon the encoded truisms of this highly revered and esoteric treatise. Undeniably, it is an obscure text for its subject requires a pure and razor-sharp intellect for comprehension, besides being originally compiled in Kauravi dialect.
However, with the master's elucidation and explanation of the translated text, it will be plain sailing for all the seekers of this age.
The course is designed sprucely with all the chapters being introduced as separate segments. The master's explanation of each chapter will be available in a video format along-with an e-book of the english version of the text.

Note: After completing the videos of two chapters, a live interactive session will be held for all on the Zoom app with the revered master, to resolve the queries. Master may also examine and probe the understanding gained by each seeker in the session. This shall facilitate resolution of all doubts and queries and deepen the understanding at root level. Let the prism of Vedanta fine tune your vision. The course is available at Amrit Varsha App. Registration is the first to enrolment. Selection is subject to discretion. Limited seats are available. Hurry up and avail the opportunity now! 

45 Video Lessons of approx 24 hrs.

Downloadable handbook 

Face to face Q&A with the master

Course MAterial

An eternal quest to know the truth, to realise the pursuit of happiness has been the underlying objective of the sages and seers of ancient India. Yet their miraculous serendipities were not in the objective world outside, but within. Know more about this primeval lineage of wisdom from the master herself, along-with an eye-opening prologue to this scripture.

Begin this arduos journey of self-realization with a firm footing. A set of seven videos takes you deep into the scripture outlaying the foreground for a strong comprehension of Vedantic concepts ahead.

In what manner did this apparent world manifest? And why does it appear to be more real than the reality itself? Decode the truth in this dual set of videos.

Do you have just one gross form ? Is it your true form in reality or are you its mere witness. Let us enhance the knowledge with a protracted and detailed set of seven videos.

Peeling the layers of illusory self, move beyond the five sheaths to your Absolute Self. The whole objective world merely appears to exist by virtue of its perception through these five sheaths. How you may ask? The answer lies in this dual set of videos.

Juggling between the three states of consciousness, to which do I belong in reality? Know the truth with the next binary set of videos.

What is the reason behind this apparent manifestation? Why is one deluded? Know the cause through which springs the fountain of illusion. This chapter is a turning point, holding immense significance for any seeker. With the next four videos, step closer to the reality of Self.

After gaining an understanding of what is false and how it merely appears to manifest, know what are the attributes of the Absolute Supreme reality. The next set of these 2 videos will make you aware of your own Supreme form.

With the precise logic of Vedanta, know how each attribute of Atman, elaborates on its true essence. With the next 2 videos, learn a new Vedantic technique which will give you ample well founded reasons to know why your form is Sat-Chit-Ananda?!

In this video be dissolved in bliss by reminiscing the attributes of the ineffable, of your own indescribable form.

Step up to a new level of Vedanta, with a sharp clarity of the peculiar difference between the Samanya and Vishesha chaitanya. In this next set of 2 videos, a big revelation of the illusory false 'I' which appears to be the Absolute, awaits you.

That Thou Art; This statement of merely three words, holds the profound wisdom and essence of all revered scriptures in entirety. In this triplet of videos, be immersed in this ocean of Vedantic wisdom.

In this video, know how a self-realised being breaks free from the chains of Karma. If my true form is the Supreme self, then how is the law of Karma applicable to me? What at all is the law of karma? Cast away the delusion with resolution of these small yet consequential queries.

Moving beyond to the distinct steps of highest knowledge, know what supreme bliss and wisdom can be like, in this binary set of videos. Know these different states, for one can only make a triumphant journey with the requisite roadmap.

In this video know what liberation is in its true essence. It is attainable while one continues to live or is only a resultant state after death? This liberating wisdom of Vedanta will take away all your doubts.

Having come a long way, dissecting the false layers of illusion and reaching out to the Absolute Self, it is time to revisit the pre-requisites of a true seeker. Remind your self the essential attributes of a true seeker in this video, for, only he will realise the ultimate truth.

A brief compilation of Sanskrit verses elaborated in a trio of these videos, concludes the whole scripture in the last chapter, it revisits each and every aspect and draws the inference concisely.