अज्ञान का नाश कैसे हो?

9114 views | 04 Sep 2023

In this video, which is an excerpt from the evening darshan where Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa answers spiritual quests and queries of seekers. In this particular video Gurudev reveals how humans are slaves of their own doings and actions. They cannot break free from the rope of destiny and even though yogic masters can foresee events but do not choose to interfere with the play of Ishwara. But Vedanta has an extended take on this. It reveals the great secret that you will reap the fruits of only those fruits that you have sown. Only if you take ownership of the action will you have to reap the fruits. What if there is no ownership of the action, then you are free of the fruits of actions as well. A deep secret indeed, provided you grasp its true meaning. Watch and unravel for yourself!

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