मेरा होना ही ईश्वर के अस्तित्व का प्रमाण है

6785 views | 25 Sep 2023

My very existence is the proof that God is! A beautiful statement that glorifies the greatness of existence. It celebrates the simplicity of Being-ness and receiving the gift of being alive. The innocent bond between a Guru and the disciple is one of a kind. The exchange of love and innocence is mutual and has the capacity to touch the heart of many. In this excerpt revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa is humbly asked by a seeker to elaborate on a statement that so simply states the proof of existence. No one requires a proof of their own existence since we know through direct experience "I am". No one can deny their existence since the one denying still exists. But Gurudev is taking us one step higher as to give proof of existence of God through the experience I am.

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