क्या व्यवहार ज्ञान में बाधक है?

6017 views | 24 Aug 2023

A very deep and insightful video that has the potential to lift up the veil of ignorance once and for all, provided you are ready! Without undermining the role of bhakti and yoga that are essential to help purify the mind to be able to grasp the highest knowledge, there remains no doubt that it is only with a Self-realised Master that one can discard ignorance from the root and be enlightened from the shackles of the mind and its bondages. In this video, revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa cites the example of the great king Janak and how he carried out his kingdom despite being a realised Being. Therefore, gyana does not ask you to give up everything and settle in the jungle, but like a seed requires the right soil to sprout so does gyana require a solid foundation to be able to mature.

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