मैं हूँ या नहीं?

4726 views | 01 Sep 2023

Can you give a proof of your existence? Or can you at-least provide for evidence that you are not? Either way there is no proof of it and yet there is not an ounce of doubt within you regarding your existence. No one, not even Lord Bramha can convince you that you do not exist. Simply because it is your living experience. In this video, revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa asks you, me and each one present to question themselves whether he/she exists or not. Do you think you will exist even after death. Death occurs to the body, but you? What about your real Self? Additionally, Gurumaa recommends an exercise that we must all practice in order to face the consequences of the death of body, and despite of it nothing can affect you.

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