विवेक जगाओ संतोष पाओ |

13698 views | 30 Aug 2023

One cannot pass a day without applying logic and technique. Even the simplest of daily chores require some amount of thinking into and some applied science. Some have an all-machine approach but that only displays their nonchalant attitude and that is another subject all together. But if observed, everything has a technique. Then how can your ultimate path to real Self be haywire and without intellect. In fact intelligence is a lot more to do with one's skill at applying logic rather than memorising books and scriptures or being updated with daily news. In tis video, revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa compels us all to be a little more wise and logically understand and establish what is it that we are truly seeking and whether we are on the right track. Real contentment can come only then.

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