Aali Re | Meera Bhajan

175951 views | 05 Mar 2020

This song of Meera is soaked in devotion and speaks of the pangs of separation from her Lord and her pining for communion with him.
Music connects the individual to the universal spirit. The bountiful love of Gurumaa, always focuses on the divine potential of each disciple. This intense devotional bhajan in the exquisite mesmerising voice of Gurumaa, will be an everlasting gift for spiritual upliftment. In the space of music, questions disappear, wonderment dawns. Doubts drop, thoughts dissolve and it connects one to the heart. The journey from the head to the heart brings harmony, and a sense of belonging - the true essence of life! So connect with the divinity and drench yourself with the love showered by revered Master Ananadmurti Gurumaa.
Kindle the light and love which is within you by the grace of the Almighty.

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