ज्ञान केवल बुद्धि विलास के लिए नहीं

7861 views | 25 Dec 2023

Attaining highest wisdom is the ultimate goal of human life; Parampursharth viz the vedantic term for the attainment of the highest wisdom (arth). But the main issue that arises for a sadhak is to unravel the layers of understanding. It is said that Brahman is unfathomable especially through the intellect. The param Atman is inexplicable and has no reach. Yet, they say one must have a sharp intellect to be able to comprehend the Truth. Therefore, is the ultimate Truth comprehendible by intellect or not? Is it beyond its reach? What role does intellect have in the attainment of the highest wisdom? Watch revered Anandmurti Gurumaa reveal to you that which is known by the realised Beings alone.

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