जाग्रत अवस्था भी एक स्वप्न तो नहीं ?

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Aren't we all familiar with one common relief that we get on waking up from a bad dream; Oh! It was just a dream. We are instantly able to let go of anything the moment we realize that it was merely a dream, illusory and unreal. The waking state feels so real because of its apparent nature; Yet how is it that we all completely ignore the fact that no memory of the wakeful state does not get carried to the dream state? So why is it that we consider the wakeful state to be real. If at all it were real it should have stayed put in every phase and state. But it does not; And what does that indicate? With this food for thought in mind, watch revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa reveal to you the mysteries behind these states.

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