जो दिखता है, सब माया का ही विक्षेप है

13149 views | 17 Apr 2023

Have you ever thought what inspires you to wake up from deep sleep? What is it the first inkling that motivates you to get up and act. What is the force that drives you to make even the slightest of movement. Have you ever slowed down to witness what made you hand move or your feet to take a step or shift your neck or adjust your posture. These movements are not as casual as you may have believed them to be. Each action of yours is driven by the force that we call vikshep which is one power of maya - the illusory governing force of Ishwara. To know the depth behind the science of sleep and dream states, tune in to our channel and watch this enlightening video by revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa.

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