Aisa Koi Sant Miley

65750 views | 30 Oct 2015

The supreme good fortune to behold the gracious presence of the Master deeply stirs the chords of the inner being. Ignorance of lifetimes is wiped out, as the ever-restless mind starts to quieten down, and joy fills the heart, gratitude overflowing for this benediction of the Lord. These loving sentiments of the devotee wishing to always be in the presence of the Guru, the Master are given exquisite expression here by revered Master Anandmurti Gurumaa. In a perishable world, when the rare opportunity presents itself for the grace of the Guru to flow, one simply drinks in that divine, overwhelmingly joyous experience. The ambrosia of the Lord's name is the key which clears obstacles and confers freedom from fear, the ship which keeps one afloat and helps to surf the turbulent waves of life. Drawn from the discourses in Ludhiana, 2015, by the revered Master, let this soulful rendition 'Aisa Koi Sant Miley' touch and resound in the depths of your heart.

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