Akhil Vishwa Ka Jo Paramatma Hai

19440 views | 16 Feb 2013

Intoxicating! This aptly describes the album 'Anhad'. Each track of this album is seeped in unbounded ecstasy and bliss, taking the listener to the realm where there are no boundaries and no limits. The sublime voice of Anandmurti Gurumaa has rendered it exquisiteness to the extent that it would not be an exaggeration to say that this album captures the ineffable in a wondrous way. It begins with 'Mera Satchidananda', a celebration of one's magnificent self, which is ever blissful and conscious, immaculate, all pervading and unfathomable. Another hue of this celebration is 'Kithon Ne Rangaiyan' wherein the lover is so much imbued in the divine radiance of the beloved, that his eyes begin to reflect the effulgence of ecstatic communion. Being one with the beloved means transcending the transitory and realising the eternal, 'Marta Hai Koi Aur' and 'Is Kaya Ka Hove' reinstate the truth about the ephemeral nature of this body, unveiling profound wisdom. Then comes the dose of intoxication 'Ajab Pyala', compelling you to forget everything, to dwell within and rejoice. The celebration which began with the blissfulness of Self, culminates with 'Akhil Vishwa' reflecting the oneness of atma & paramatma.

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