Am I Doing Right? How To Progress In Meditation?

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Question: I have started doing dhayan just for last 10 days. I am experiencing pressure like I am lifting stone with white-dark colours & sometimes some light is lightning like fire on my forehead and after that I get darkness. I feel like I have to give some time to it. Some days are very powerful, powerful in the sense, I can do anything, I can run, I can jog efficiently on that day no pain, no tiredness; I guess this is a start. Just want to make sure from you that I am on right path of this Maya? Please guide the servant. Let me know how to proceed in meditation?
master Anandmurti Gurumaa :- Yamanru, I dont know what kind of dhayan you are doing. Please go on to my website and there are various meditations out of which I can say you may begin with Pranav & Sakriya. You can digitally download it and use those guided meditation CDs to help you in your sessions. And as such the colours which are seen or the darkness which you have seen, the power which you are feeling, everything is fine as long as you are sincere in your efforts, you will reap good results.

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