Are Experiences Of Past Life Regression Therapy True?

21597 views | 02 Jul 2009

How do we know that the things that we see in the past life regression therapy are experiences of the past lives? Those experiences may be just the modified memories of our present life. Will I be born somewhere else after I expire?
A: Shaijit! you seem to be pretty unhappy with your present because you are running after your past and you are thinking so much about your future. Why can't you live your present moment fully with awareness, being vigilant, being conscious and about the visions which you have in the past life regression therapy, it is very much possible that they are the modified memories of your very present life. There is a great chance of being delusional at the time of regression. There is a possibility of going into a dream like state in your regression. There is also a possibility that you might open the lid of your subconscious and from there you gain entry into your past lives. So I believe it really needs a lot of power of this communication to understand what is what.
There are many people these days who claim that they can give this therapy and there are many who are eager to go into their past, but there is some certain preparation which the seeker should do before going into such therapies which will definitely make them well equipped enough that they don’t end up watching their own modified present life memories.

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