Are The Visions-glimpses-darshan Of Deities In The Mind Real?

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Question: Respected Anandmurti Gurumaa, I am lord Radha-Krishna's devotee. I believe in them a lot. I have a little idea about Radha-Krishna's appearance by mind...when I listen to kirtan or bhajans of Lord, I sometimes see little glimpses of Radha-Krishna and gopis dancing or sometimes I start dancing with them in my mind, but these darshans are not very clear I just have very little glimpses of their leelas or their darshan sometimes in kirtan or listening to bhajans. Please tell me Gurumaa, is this imagination or they really Radha-Krishna in reality who appear when I go in dhyaan in kirtan or in bhajans? Gurumaa: Rohan, what you see is what your mind is carrying. And what does your mind carry? Your mind carries a thought and that thought if is about Radha-Krishna then this thought in certain stages of consciousness, in certain stages of mind where there is an ample level of concentration and deep focusing will begin to appear in a form. Meaning, a thought of Radha-Krishna can take the shape and that shape can be dancing, walking, talking to you, but I have to say this that it is indeed your own mind, it is your imagination, but isn't this whole world truly your imagination? Whatever we are seeing with our open eyes, we might think that this world is real, but the truth is this that even this world is just your imagination, it is your mind which is creating everything. And because of the consistent thinking and by being in this default setting that this world is real, because it is happening in continuity in front of us, the illusion persisits. But the truth still remains unchangeable that this world is not real. It is as unreal as your thoughts which come in your mind.
But as such, experiencing the images of Radha-Krishna in your mind must be giving you lot of joy, must be giving you lot of bliss, so may be for certain time, you can continue this, but you should know it categorically that it is not the real Radha-Krishna in front of you. It is the Radha- Krishna which has been created by your mind. But if it helps your mind to remain focused, concentrated, then do use it as a good device to attain the certain higher levels of mind.

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