Attention Deficit Disorder

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Question: I was compelled from within to get advice from my Master when one of my co-workers quoted this morning about her 9 year old son being under medication for Attention Deficit Disorder. Mind is playing games everywhere, we fall prey to it and live at its mercy. How could this innocent child come out of the clutches of suppressive drugs which at times have to be taken as the last resort, when other paths and options are unknown? I will pass on your advice to her. My pranams in the lotus feet of my Guru! Anandmurti Gurumaa: Monica, well its not your problem as such, I don't know how much advice this lady would accept from you. But still as you have asked me this question, I will give the answer. The problem of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is just a sign that this woman, when pregnant with this child was highly restless, frustrated, dejected, depressed and was in need of appreciation and attention from the people around her. All these traits have been passed on to the baby and the child is growing up with this attitudinal disorder. I believe that mother and son have to spend more time together and the mother has to be very appreciative towards her son. The mother needs to be very loving towards him. I am not saying that mother must show gestures of love towards the child, I am saying that mother needs to be genuinely in love with her son and she has to let the son feel the warmth of his mother. The mother, son and the father must spend quality time together. They might go to the beach, or might go for a walk in a zoo, or play soccer or basket ball or scrabble. The point is that the whole family must indulge in some outdoor or indoor activity where the members of the family are dependent on each other in the game and each of them are encouraging, loving and create a perfect harmony in the family. It's not just the child who is having this disorder, the roots must be there in the mother or the father and this baby is just bearing the brunt of having been born to such parents, such a mother or such a father who never had a balanced mind. Most of the time the so called normal people, are at the brink of being abnormal. The distance between the normalcy and abnormality is not very huge, it might be miniscule but we don't wish to recognize this. But, this is a very true statement. Moreover, I dont know anything about the mother, the religion she practices. You have not written anything about her, so, let the lady email me and I would reply to her regarding the steps she could take for the betterment of her family and the child from the spiritual and the religious angle.

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