बिंदु में सिंधु | Bindu Mein Sindhu (with English Subtitles)

146500 views | 02 Oct 2021

Bindu Mein Sindhu carries sublime Vedantic wisdom encapsulated in a soul-stirring rendition composed and vocalized by revered Master Anandmurti Gurumaa. The track poetizes the ineffable sight of the true self that bewilders who experiences it, leaving one awestruck with amazement. The unspeakable vision is akin to a drop of water containing the whole ocean in itself. Being a performer in the theatrics of this worldly drama and the play itself, the self remains oblivious of its reality. The unfathomable supreme conscious- the one that is formless and dwells at the core of everything, has manifested the entire existence as a mere reflection. How can one comprehend such subtlest of the subtle state that lies beyond the perception of sensory organs? The true self can only reveal itself on its own. The supreme conscious, appearing both as bondage and bonded, ironically has all the power to detach from the illusion. Acting both as wise and unwise, the pure self is the one that removes the darkness of ignorance and establishes one as the 'knower' of all. It is the word, the listener, and also the one who narrates- manifesting through all that is perceivable and beyond. Sing along while dwelling deep into these Vedantic pearls of profound wisdom sewn together in a poetic expression, for they speak of none other but your own innate truth.

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