Basking Under The Grace

139 views | 04 Feb 2010

Q: Greatest respect and Namaste at your Lotus feet master Anandmurti Gurumaa... I am 30yrs old and I wanted to be with you always and would like taste the nectar of knowledge and blessings from you. Sometimes, I felt so lucky that god has given me a chance to know about myself. Whenever I look at my hand or in front of mirror I am wondering that, this body is not mine, and it just looks like some instrument. Like this, so many questions arise in my mind which I can not explain because it is too big a story. For few of my questions, God has given a chance to get answers from your website and books etc. My humble request with you is please bless me as your student. Gurumaa: Sudha! Keep on learning & keep on practicing what you have learnt and then you dont have to seek or ask or request for the blessings. Because the blessings are already working & thats why you are doing all this stuff otherwise why would you do? You are already showered in the blessings.

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