Be A Master, Not A Slave!

85697 views | 31 May 2011

Satsang by Anandmurti Gurumaa. When our mind is pure and when we live life according to the instructions from our Guru, the universe conspires to help us in amazing ways. Then, even the greatest adversities cannot dampen our spirits; on the contrary, they inspire greater devotion and love for God, for our Guru. Citing a beautiful story from the mystic Kabir's life, in this video Gurumaa explains that unshakeable faith in God indeed gives us formidable strength, wisdom, lots of energy and sheer bliss in our heart. When we live in integrity with our ideals we can literally accomplish anything. Worldly relationships involve give and take; they are need-based, not selfless. However, when we cultivate love for God and our Guru in our heart, this love is the only one that will never let us down. This most beautiful of bonds is most pure and eternal. When we re-connect with Paramatma, not only through mere words but feel Him living in our heart, every moment of our life becomes a celebration of the inner bliss.

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