Bhajo Re Bhaiya Ram Govind Hari

26658 views | 08 Oct 2013

Mystics and masters emphasize that although money, name, fame and all materialistic objects of this world are commonly thought to bestow lasting happiness, in reality this is not so. How can a perishable commodity ever give eternal contentment, joy and peace? This is what has been emphatically stated in the intriguing verses of Kabir Sahib, exquisitely sung by Anandmurti Gurumaa, in the featured video. His verses bring to light the pertinent fact that running after worldly things can only result in frustration and disillusionment, for the real source of bliss lies within. And thus it needs to be sought by delving deep within our being and not in external pursuits. Such bliss is profoundly experienced when we chant the divine name of Lord with love, longing and fervour, thus says Kabir Sahib. This contemplative rendition has been drawn from discourses held at Faridabad in 2013.

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