Bina Re Khavaiya Naiya Kaise Paar Ho

5039 views | 22 Aug 2011

Bina Re Khavaiya' beautiful bhajan of Sant Kabir ji in Anandmurti Gurumaa's soulful voice. To make a worldly mind sit and do meditation is sometimes the most herculean task. And mystics understand this very well that asking such a mind to sit and meditate would simply mean making a person go into either slumber or make him/her get back up (seeing one's own whirlpool of thoughts). Yet the compassion and mercy of the mystics sees no bounds and they still continue to give innovative meditation techniques -- made for the man of today. Once such means to dive within oneself is sankirtan -- singing to the divinity with the master. This is one unique technique whereby with no effort, the listener loses finds themselves teleported to a plane where the mind is calm... Watch this blissful video with this beautiful bhajan "Bina Re Khavaiya Naiya Kaise Paar Ho" and do not be surprised if you too find yourself in a similar zone.

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