Can I Study Christianity And Vipassana At The Same Time And Benefit From Both?

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Nameste and Pranam Gurumaa, I am from Nepal. I listen you on TV. I am very much happy and thankful to enlighten myself with your words. These days I practice Vipassana Meditation. Though the meditation, your videos and words teaches a lot, I have a different question today. Since I started to show interest in spirituality and religion, different questions arises. So, I am seeking answers to the following questions, among others. Why some people do not meditate and gain spiritual heights like Christians? Why there is so much contradiction in different religions? I will probably be going to a church school to continue my further studies where I must take course on religion, may be Christianity. Can I benefit from praying, studying religion like Christianity etc while practicing Vipassana which is a teaching of the Buddha? Or, is there any harm? As for Christians say God Jesus protects you, helps you etc which is opposite to what I know that nobody can help you. Gurumaa; Mabe Sanju, the truth is that the teachings of Christ, have got lost in the Vatican style of preaching. Moreover, the enlightened words of Jesus have been misinterpreted and you would be really shocked to know this that Jesus himself practiced Buddhism at one time, when he was in Kashmir. He stayed in a monastery. There are many researchers now who believe this and if you check on internet you will find that definitely. Although Christianity & the Vatican denies it totally, but there is a parallel line of those scholars & researchers who have their own proof where they say Jesus himself studied in a Buddhist monastery and when he went back to his homeland ,he used those teachings in his own way.

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