Can Pregnant Women Do Bhastrika And Kapalbhati?

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Q : Pranam Maa, can pregnant woman do bhastrika and kapalbhati pranayam or sakriya dhyaan? Anandmurti Gurumaa Answer:Pregnant women up to a certain time should not practice Kapalbhati and even if they wish to do Bhastrika, then it should not be too forceful inhalation or exhalation. The best thing for pregnant women is that upto five months of their pregnancy, they should practice nadi shodhan, anulom-vilom and after five months, if the pregnancy is safe, is moving on smoothly and there are no complications, then she can definitely practice Bhastrika, but in that the exhalations should not be very forceful. The focus should be on inhalation & and as her inhalation goes deeper & deeper, it would help her abdominal pelvic organs and also her lungs, which would be of great benefit at the time of delivery.

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