Can The Consciousness Exist Without Brain?

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Question: Can the consciousness exist without our brain? Are we just biological beings made up of matter, or is there anything more that constitutes us? Or in more simplified words - Is there any such thing as "meta-physical or "supernatural"? Gurumaa Answer: Shahijeet, the consciousness definitely exist without the brain and this is something which these great neurologist and neuron anatomist are yet to understand because they think that consciousness is made up of matter or consciousness can be understood by mapping the brain, by getting the images of brain. Well, the consciousness uses the brain as the seed, but as such the consciousness is spread out not only within the body but also outside the body. This is the limitation which we have brought upon ourselves, that we restrict our being, restrict our consciousness in the body alone. But the consciousness as such is limitless, is beyond the brain, is beyond the body, is beyond the perception of the human researches, which they wish to do it in their laboratories or through man-made machines. Consciousness is not man-made, and consciousness is not something to do with the matter. And regarding your question metaphysical and super natural, I dont know what you mean by that. When you say supernatural, most of the time people think like bhoot, pret, devta, are the supernatural. And when you say metaphysical then, metaphysical can be also addressed to the subtleties of your being, even your mind is metaphysical; even your thinking is metaphysical. You as such neither physical nor metaphysical and your consciousness may be of a very lower grade but deep down within you, the supra-consciousness is already existent, which you dont have to gain. But the only thing you just need to explore is how it is functioning.

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