Can Woman Wear Rudraksha Beads During Menstruations?

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Q : Can a woman wear mala of Rudraksha beads all 24 hrs around her neck even during the time when she has to abstain from entering into temples or lighting diyas. Goddesses are women. Don't they come across days which are impure just like us? In such cases what do they do? We can chant or take God's name but can we not read holy books on days when we have to keep our selves away from doing holy pujas. We were created by God then why can we not light diyas or go to temples or read holy books on certain days. Gurumaa: Savita, it is just a mumbo-jumbo which has been spread by male chauvinistic people who wanted the women to remain under the thumb. And they are condemned for their whole life because of their menstrual cycle. If this menstrual cycle was not there in womens body then no male would be born & then no male would be ever existing on this earth & then grow up and become a writer & write these scriptures, & formulate these rules & regulations for the women that she can not wear rudraksha or do the puja or read a book. Please throw this ages old ignorance in a dustbin, wear you rudraksha, do your puja, light the diya, read good books, God will not be angry with you.

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