Mero Mann Ram Hi Ram Rattey

9828 views | 11 Nov 2013

What we love the most is what we ponder the most. And when one is in love with beloved Lord, it is His revered name that consumes one completely. In fact it is not about the name but about the blissful experience that it bestows. The featured bhajan celebrates divinity in the form of Lord Rama that pervades the heart and mind of devotee. It is this boat of Lord's name that takes one across the worldly shores. Thus a true aspirant always aspires to be in such an ambiance where only Lord is revered, remembered and celebrated. Soulful expression of these heartfelt sentiments of a devotee is this rendering in the sublime voice of Anandmurti Gurumaa. This mesmerising bhajan has been drawn from Ananda Utsav held at Shimla in 2013.

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