अपने भीतर विवेक और वैराग्य कैसे लाएं ?

6652 views | 01 Apr 2023

Viveka is a state of razor-sharp wisdom with an ability to discern and dissect to see the things as they whereas Vairagya is total dispassion for all that is transient- be it of this world or the other! These two are the basic pre-requisites for those who wish to tread the path of Truth! Once the Viveka gets ripened, Vairagya is soon to follow but how does a Sadhak inculcate these to accelerate spiritual growth? To get an answer to this question, watch the video where Param Pujya Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa benevolently shares the ways to develop Viveka and Vairagya.

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