Compulsive Thinking. How To Break The Loop?

6423 views | 16 Jun 2022

Image consciousness or overthinking is fundamentally the fear of being unable to meet the expectations of the people around us- which, in turn, leads to a constantly brewing stress to fit into 'their' version. And if someone fails at that, they are subjected to harsh opinions that end up leaving an indelible mark on one's psyche, making them even more conscious about what people say. So, in a way, every child is being trained to be people-oriented- even if it means faking the qualities they might not have. How can one break free of this vicious circle? In the featured video, revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa underlines the significance of having clarity about what we know and being truthful about it. Since we all are the creation of the Lord, each of us is beautiful in our own novel ways- The question of pleasing others doesn't arise anyways. This and so much more in this excerpt taken from the Darshan talks in Rishi Chaitanya Ashram.

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