क्या इच्छा दुःख का कारण है?

41509 views | 05 Oct 2023

Ordinarily, it seems that all sorrows and sufferings arise from our own desires, thus prompting a natural question– How can our minds be freed from these desires? However, before we go there, let's pause and question– Is it really wrong to harbour desires? Why do they emerge in the first place? Do they directly lead to suffering, or the root cause lies elsewhere? Find the answers to these intriguing questions as revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa profoundly explains that root cause of all miseries and how it can be eradicated, for once and all! Furthermore, compassionate Master also imparts guidance on approaching life with discernment, by bringing forth desires that uplift our life rather than those that degrade it. This and so much more in today’s excerpt. Watch Now!

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