Trembling Legs While Practicing Yoga Asanas

4967 views | 10 Jul 2009

Question: Pranam Gurumaa, in the morning after doing yog asanas, my legs shake in some standing posture. But it vanishes if I change the posture. This happens only for small duration and with the passage of the day, nothing happens. But Gurumaa, why this happens for some time also? Seeking for your guidance. Gurumaa: Aditi, it is just the weakness of your nerves, when I say nerves, then its not the literal nerves, it is the Nadi. It is weakness of the Nadi, also weakness of the biological nerves system. When it is weak then, definitely you cannot hold the postures, and especially in the standing postures, our mid-brain, is being challenged and our cerebellum is working more, and when you are standing in a posture, for example say, Vrikshasana, Gomukhasana, Taadasana, Veerabhadra Asana, Trikonasana, Parasthit Trikonasana, all of these asanas, you are actually using your cerebellum in one way, but if your nervous system is not strong, if your muscular system is not that strong, it would definitely be a challenging job to stay upright and in poise. With practice, the energy will develop and your body will feel more empowered. Do regular practice, and may be you can take small breaks and do Shavasana in between your other asanas which you are doing.

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