Coping With The Demise Of Loved Ones

1948 views | 05 Apr 2010

Q: I lost my husband few months ago, my age is 23 plus. Why this incident happened to me? In the past life, did I have connection with my husband? Why I am facing lots of problems? Gurumaa: Triparna, its unfortunate that your husband expire. Please dont blame yourself for your husband's death and dont allow the past karma theory to make you guilty & make you sorrowful. What has happened is unfortunate but isnt it true that each of us is on an eternal journey & we are on this earth, in this world to seek the higher truth and every death is followed by birth. So who so ever has taken birth will die. Yes, when someone expires at this early age and all those people who are connected to that person suffer a lot. But what can you say about the working of the nature. That is how it was supposedly to happen. We just have to move on & we just have to accept that it has happened and dont look for answers. Life is very mysterious and life comes with its on challenges and you have a challenge in front of you. I hope that you continue with your education and now you focus upon standing firmly on your feet and my suggestion is, dont be dependent upon your parents and if they support you, well that would be a very nice thing. But you should learn to support yourself and be an empowered woman & dont feel guilty for yourself. It is a sad thing which has happened but life moves on. So you too have to do this. If you need any further guidance may be some day, please check if I am here in ashram; do come and see me, spend some time over here. Learn some more good & positive things & it will help you to come out of your pain, your sorrow.

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