Dhan Guru Deva

5042 views | 28 May 2011

The beautiful Gujrati bhajan, 'Dhan Guru Deva, Dhan Guru Daahta', sings the yearning, the wailing, the longing of a person who is making his last salute to his master as his time has arrived. This person further sings that "I have waited for you for so long, why you have not come. And now I am on the verge of breathing my last breath. Throughout my life, I was busy making money and seeking pleasures that I did not have time to come to you. Is this the reason that you are upset with me and not helping me." Beautiful thought, but this too depicts the mindset of a typical human being who chose the material world instead of the master and cries in the end. Despite knowing the fact that your mind is so fragile that one bad incident is enough to shatter your entire life, and lead you to the verge of suicide; you remain oblivious of this weakness and continue to pursue material pursuits. Mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa explains that only a master can lead you to the space where you can save your mind from the onslaught of death. Watch it to get to that space.

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