Does A Soul Enter The Mother's Womb During Conception?

38390 views | 04 Feb 2010

Q : Dear Gurumaa Greetings to you. I understand that life begins at conception but does this mean a soul enters the mother's womb at the same time i.e. during conception or does it enter sometime later during pregnancy? Gurumaa: Vrinda, about this, one thing is to be understood the soul doesnt enter. If you are using the word soul as an alternate to the hindi word atama then I would say this is wrong choice of word. No.1, the right choice of the word would be the individual soul, the jivatama not the atama and secondly, the timing of the individual soul to enter into the womb is not during the conception or after the conception has happened. Actually, the mind of the individual soul is already present being pushed & pulled towards that right combination as per the karmic accounts to be settled. And then the mind begins to open up itself, its samskaras, impressions and karmic account & from there henceforth the body gets created. So we can say that the conception is followed by the presence of that individual soul right there & right at that moment when that man & woman are having the intercourse. So it is not during & it is not after. But this is something which is very mysterious and what I am saying is coming from the sources of those great evolved individuals who had ability to see this happening. And its not a small thing; its most complicated & most mysterious thing. But which happen to be possible to some individuals who could have the first hand information about this whole process.

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