Does God Have Error In Himself?

610 views | 10 Dec 2009

I have heard indeed that God is all pervading & everything that exists is God, then how can error or if error happens is this error happening in God? Then how can we describe God as error-less? If God is error-less, what should we think of that is happening around us and in our lives? If he has error in him then what name should we give him? master Anandmurti Gurumaa: - Madhu, it is your error-full mind which is trying to look error in God & God's creation. There is nothing which we can call as error-full. This reminds me of a story, Mulla Nasruddin was resting under a huge tree and he saw small berries on its branches. Then he looked beside, there was a farm where huge watermelons were growing on very thin vines. And Mullah spoke to himself, God seems to be stupid, small little berries are growing on a huge tree and these huge melons are growing on the thinnest vines. God seems to be a crackpot. As and when he finished this thought, it happened that berry broke from the branch and it fell right on the eye of Mullah. It hurt him so badly that he yelled out apologies oh God! You have done no mistake, I really wonder if those melons would have been growing on this tall tree and if that melon had fallen on my eye, my skull would had been crushed. So whatever you do is fine! Our mind is conditioned to believe that as long as things are comfortable and in my comfort zone it is fine and if it is not happening as per my description, as per my definition then it is wrong. May be you need to check upon your own system of defining things as good and bad. What you consider as good or bad? And if you consider death a bad thing then what about the birth, because, if there are no births then there wont be any death. So death & birth are not good or bad, they are just events which are happening. Likewise, so many things are happening in nature and your small mind cannot understand all the stuff & hence you come to this foolish conclusion that there are too many errors around you. There is nothing called as an error; in nature everything has a purpose and everything is there with its own unique utility.

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