Effects Of Improper Meditation And Chanting Mantra

22060 views | 26 Oct 2009

Question: master Anandmurti Gurumaa, If someone is NOT doing Meditation properly or correctly, could it bring negative effects on him or her? For example, someone finishing the meditation wrongly etc. Also, is it true by chanting the mantra's not properly could back fire? If this is true then would it be right to teach mantras to the childern who initially are more likely to pronounce hard words of sanskrit incorrectly as my kids live in the UK with their main language being english but they do try to follow me when I pray and chant Gayatri Mantra, Shanti Path and others. Please Guide... Ajay Arora Gurumaa: Ajay, there can never ever be harm because of not doing things correctly. The most important thing is, if you are willing to do something, why not learn how to do that? If you learn it properly, then there is no scope for any mistake. I believe in UK, to get a driving license is pretty hard and people go through nightmares whether they will pass the test or not. They work hard, they practice and finally get their license. After getting a license, the chances of an accident are reduced. Also the ability of the driver is tested by someone and the administration believes in his expertise of handling a vehicle on the highway and thus he is given a license. So I can suggest to you that maybe you can sit with some learned person and learn the right way of doing it. And when you do anything divine with a kind heart, great aspiration and great love, no harm can ever come to you.

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