Essence Of 'Japa, Daana And Tapa'

3380 views | 04 Feb 2011

'Japa, daana and tapa' are the hallmarks of a spiritual person. It is essential to inculcate these attributes, if one is willing to walk on the path of spirituality. 'Japa' refers to chanting and being in remembrance of God. 'Tapa' refers to austerities like being truthful, stoical, waking up early in the morning and practicing yoga asana, pranayama. 'Daana' means doing charity without any feeling of pride. As per Shastras, it is mandatory to donate ten percent of our income regularly. Shri Guru Nanak Dev reiterates, "Earn money and donate a part of it". One doesn't lose by sharing; rather sharing enriches you with compassion and love. But at the same time, one must ensure that the donation is done for a worthy cause. Watch this video where the mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa explains the real essence of 'Japa, daana and tapa'.

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