Feeling Numbness/paralysis In The Body During Meditation: Myths Demystified

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Question: During meditation kriya specially evolving of urja that the process sets into me, my body starts paralysing from the feet, toes then the whole feet & legs. I lose internal or external sensation of my legs and I am left in an ambiguous state. Please guide how & when this happens, what to do? master Anandmurti Gurumaa :- Dear Shivam, paralysis attack doesnt come like this. Its not possible that it comes when you do meditation and it goes away when you stop doing your meditation. May you never-ever have any kind of paralysis, especially paralysis of brain. Shivam, it is just some numbness that comes to our legs because the circulation gets little hampered. And sometimes it is just your mind which is playing the game as it doesnt want to meditate. So one part of your mind says sit & meditate and other part of your mind says no-no legs are sleeping, your legs are getting paralysed, do something, get up and save yourself from the meditation cramp. There is nothing to worry and definitely, it is not a paralysis.

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