Freedom From Confusion & Stress

24411 views | 12 Feb 2011

In today's cut throat competition, everybody is striving hard for success. But in this mad rat race, one ends up ignoring his own health, well-being and conscious living. This video by the cotemporary the mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa showcases the path to efficient time management and how to fill life with zest, zeal and success. At times, the mind tends to get confused and eventually stressed. But chanting or humming even a small mantra like 'Om', one can easily placate this bewilderment. And the interesting thing to note is that, one can chant this mantra even while doing the daily chores. For example, whether driving or while commuting from home to the place of work, while eating or taking a shower; just let any name of God resonate within. Even when you find yourself entangled in adverse circumstances, don't get perturbed, just hum the mantra and enjoy!

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