Glimpse Of God During Dhyana

2026 views | 05 Apr 2010

Q: Dear maa, I am 36yrs old married. Nowadays, I am able to see Lord in Dhyana. When I close my eyes - in the centre of both the eyes, a ray is seen in which I am able to see Lord Shiva but now I can see him in my every thought. I am not able to understand what things are going. Please kindly guide me maa. Gurumaa: Well, your mind is hooked up to Shiva & whenever your mind would be concentrated there is possibility that you would begin to see those images, those photographs or those visuals through a video which you had enjoyed at certain time that your mind begin to reproduce those images. If you enjoy that fine but dont consider it as a glimpse of God. It is not, it is just your own mind projecting these pictures & definitely its a great, enjoyable experience but it is just a mind game.

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