God: Beyond Positive And Negative

712 views | 04 Feb 2010

Q: Pranam guruma. If everything is whole then why the differentiation between positive & negative; is this our imagination or is the existence of negative is there just to experience the positive--if god is positive then it is negative too, after all the reaction between positive & negative is "neutral" or one whole, please explain. Gurumaa: - I think so you read too much of electrical engineering stuff & that is why for you everything is just positive, negative and neutral. Well life is much more mysterious then that and definitely God is much more mysterious & far above then your limited minds imagination & so called technical parameters which you have to judge everything & anything. One thing is for sure the whole world is interaction of the positive & the negative. And when you say negative then it is negative but when I say negative then it is complimenting the positive. So as the night can not exist without the day & the day can not exist without the night. Similarly the positive & negative are inter related & there is nothing to be shun or nothing to be taken off, taken far, it is just the game which is happening and it is us who have to understand how these forces are working in the body, in your mind, in your intellect, in this cosmos and being positive is not something which should be opted for, being away & jumping off this whole bandwagon of positive & negativity should be the target. But that doesnt come easy.

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