Golemale Golemale Pirit Koro Na

10991 views | 05 Apr 2017

This video features revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa’s mesmerizing rendition of the melodic song Golemale Golemale Pirit Koro Na, from Bengal, the land of the Bauls. As it is human nature to love, this song is a reminder to not fall in love hurriedly and unknowingly because love is like the glue of a jackfruit which does not come off easily once it gets stuck. Thus, loving without knowing the true form of love could be a huge mistake, just like an ant stuck in jaggery that cannot even move. It has been drawn from series of enlightening talks in Kolkata, 2017. with the master on Facebook/AnandmurtiGurumaa and . Lyrics and meaning पीरीती काठालेर आठा (Love is like the sticky gum of jackfruit) ए आठा लागले परे छाड़े ना (Once this gum sticks to you it does not come off) गोलेमाले गोलेमाले पीरीत कोरो ना (So do not fall in love hurriedly / unknowingly) भाब ना जेने कोरले पीरीती जीबेर पक्खे भूल (Without knowing the true nature of love, loving could be a big mistake) जेमोनिचटेगूड़ेिपपरेपड़ले, शेिपपरेनोड़तेचोड़तेपारनेा (Like an ant stuck in jaggery, that cannot move at all) गोलेमाले गोलेमाले पीरीत कोरो ना (So do not fall in love hurriedly / unknowingly) अो एक जन ब्राहमनेर छेले , शे तो एमिन खिटकेले (There was once a Brahmin’s son, who was very grumpy) पीरीत कोरे धोपार मेयेर पा धूये खेले (But so in love, he even washed the feet of the Dhobi’s daughter and drank the water / worshipped her, so to speak) पीरीतीर जातेर बीचार कोरते गेले , अोरे भाई मिलबे ना चाँदेर कना (In love if you keep thinking about caste-creed, you cannot get the moon) गोलेमाले गोलेमाले पीरीत कोरो ना

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