गुरु भक्ति की सरसता

2357 views | 05 Oct 2023

Is having a sharp intellect good enough to assimilate the wisdom as profound as encapsulated in Vedanta? A mere ability to memorise a few scriptural definitions and then repeating them back can lead you to the highest Truth? Or there’s much more desired to realise the True Self? Get your answers in this clip where beloved Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa elucidates the great glory of a True Master and how the culmination of pure love for such a Satguru in a disciple’s heart alongside the sheer dispassion for the samsara makes one eligible for the Supremest Knowledge, which in turn, opens up the gates of unprecedented grace for the latter, ultimately establishing this chosen one on the ‘Seat of Self! Watch Now!

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