Guru Jeene Ki Kala Sikhata Hai

371078 views | 11 Jun 2011

Guru Jeene Ki Kala Sikhata Hai - Satsang by Anandmurti Gurumaa It is important to clarify our direction in life. When we do this, our energies can be channelled productively and creatively to get the best out of life. The more disciplined our approach, the better our life functions. With this mature approach, we are able to take responsibility for our actions and even if we make some mistake, we become aware that wallowing in guilt will not change anything. Rather, we acknowledge our mistake and learn to do things differently. That will help us, not crying over spilt milk. In this enlightening video, Gurumaa also explains the importance of the Indian tradition of taking a newborn child into the presence of a Guru. It is the impressions or samskaras in the mind which determine thoughts and actions. These depend a lot on the environment one grows up in, one's upbringing and the people around. Samskaras of purity, goodness, love, kindness and sound values in life cultivated right from birth naturally pave the way for a strong foundation which stands us in good stead always.

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