Having Problems Adjusting At My Workplace?

368 views | 05 Apr 2010

Q: I have lost interest in my job. However it is in well established good institute. I feel frustrated & my health is deteriorating and I dont like to work under a boss. Please guide me weather it is my ego or natural demand of a soul? Gurumaa: Well, its not a natural demand of a soul. You might be having a difficult situation in your work place and may be your boss is a real bad person or may be you are a very stubborn & egoistic person. Things are very complicated; you just cant point out & make someone else guilty for your problems. May be you are too rock solid and not ready to buzz and in work place, I believe things have to go very amicable & some times it is diplomacy which works very well. And some times it is not just a work which you do, it is how well mannered you are or how well you present yourself or how well you communicate with others and how well you project your work. So may be you need to work out on those things and have a good net working system in your place. May be this will help you to have a cordial relationship with your employee, boss & your colleagues.

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