Holi Mahotsav : 8 March 2023

18388 views | 08 Mar 2023

Amrit Varsha by revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa on the auspicious occasion of Holi commenced with mesmerising chanting of Govind Gopal Jai, followed by Kabir Sahib's Bhajan 'Satguru Sang Rang Hori Ka Khelo', which talks about playing Holi of true colours with a realised master. Moving further into the talks, Gurudev explained the real meaning of renunciation while emphasising the need to let go of material desires to experience true bliss. Revered Gurumaa also spoke elaborately on the vices of the mind that are the major impediments on the path of spiritual growth and how total surrender in Bhakti & remembrance of the Lord can help one move inwards and get established in true Self. Gurudev's message concluded with Sant Meera Bai's bhajan 'Phagun Ke Din Chaar', urging us to live life to its fullest- until it lasts, smeared with colors of love & devotion. Holi Mahotsav with Anandmurti Gurumaa was streamed live from Rishi Chaitanya Ashram on 8 March 2023.

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