How Can I Get Rid Of My Bad Habit?

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Q: I have been suffering from a long and deep rooted wretched habit. Even after repeated efforts to get rid of that, I am afraid, I am becoming a failed case because the moment the mind gets the opportunity it starts acting like a mad dog and gets deeply involved with the same habit. I am deeply hurt. I want to get rid of the habit and want to have a mind that is as pure as the crystal clear water in a serene pond. Will I be able to achieve this? Kindly show me the path which to tread for achieving that with respectful pranaams at the lotus feet of H.H. Gurumaa. A: Parthasarthi, you have not open up really, you are hiding the facts from me & if a patient hides the fact about his disease, doctor cannot make a right diagnosis. So you really need to open up to tell me what kind of habit you are talking about. Well, you are leaving me for too many assumptions and I wont like to answer on the basis of my assumptions & speculations about your condition. And one thing is for sure, there is nothing which is impossible and everything is possible as long as we are hell bent to get that thing done. As such nothing is bad or good nature has provided us with the power of discrimination and if we use it properly then even a poison will begin to act like nectar. As you know that most of medicines are being procured from chemicals, could be synthetic, could be natural & these chemicals can be poisonous sometimes and yet the poison is being used to make the medicine which will cure the disease. So poison will only hurt when we dont treat it well, well we dont use it correctly. So dont be ashamed, dont hide it from me. I hope that next time when you mail me a question you will open up.

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