How Can I Remember Things In A Better Way?

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Q: I am a medical student doing meditation not regularly due to less time and I feel relax while the examinations are there. I wish to know what small techniques can help me at the time of studies to understand difficult things and to remember the things which I have to mug up. A: Himanshu no. one, meditation is not something which you do off and on and yet you are hoping that you will get some great results coming because you know the world or system of meditation. You can only reap the fruits of meditation when you are consistent in your efforts. If you cant give too much time, no problem, I give you two simple techniques: 1. Morning, evening, afternoon, night, whatever the time is, just sit with your spine erect, eyes closed, body as still as a rock then inhale deep breath watching the breath which is going in, watching the movement of diaphragm muscle, watching the movement of the shoulders which rise because the chest is expanding and then watching when the expiration is done and the whole breath is going out of the body. Breathing in deep, slow and watching your breath very minutely. 2. While practicing this particular style of breathing keep a lamp, a litted lamp preferably a desi ghee lamp at your eye level and keep your eyes fixed, the gaze is fixed at the mid of that flame, keep watching that flame and this is called tratak. The regular practice of tratak even for 10 minutes will heighten up your level of concentration and slowly as your pineal gland would get activated, the ability to learn and memorize the things will become much more easy. But you have to do it everyday and I think so you can definitely spare 20 minutes for yourself. 10 minutes for deep breathing and 10 minutes for doing this tratak. Once you have ended this, just press your palms to your eyes gently and if you feel that you can possibly not still do it what I have talked about then do order my C.D called Tratak from our website and practice with the C.D. It will definitely help you a lot.

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