How Can I Rise Above This Secret Dependency?

162 views | 26 Oct 2009

"I AM THERE WITH YOU" Why do these words give me a sense of comfort? How can I rise above this Secret Dependency?master Anandmurti Gurumaa: - Well, these words give you solace, enjoy that. Why do have this problem of being in this dependency. It is not dependency as long as you are not yet firm & strong enough to be dependent on your true self. The word of the Master, the words spoken by the Master that I am there with you will greatly help you. The Master doesnt let his ego come in. It is just your ego that why should I be dependent on these words, why should I be dependent on the Master. Well, where you are Nazah right now, you dont have another option at this moment, at this stage. When you are just fumbling in your ignorance; where you have very low level of consciousness, very low level of true knowledge, no meditativeness and no deep experience of spirituality, you do need something and I believe these words really help and dont be childish by denying yourself with this comfort.

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