How Can I Surpass The Expectations Of My Director, God?

177 views | 10 Dec 2009

Q: The script of my lifetime has been written by God which is being directed by my Master, i.e., Your Holiness. The actor can only play his role as per the script and has no authority to make deviations. My only desire is that my performance should surpass the expectations of my Director, how can I accomplish this mission? master Anandmurti Gurumaa :- Well, this director has no expectations from you, I can only advise. I am not a dictator who is going to watch your graph. So I am not going to mark you fail, pass or merit and you should not do this to yourself also. Just be naturally calm, cool, and collected as you should be devoid of fatal attractions and exhibitions & restrain yourself from developing ego in you. Then you will definitely be able to live this drama called life.

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