How Can One Activate Ones Photographic Memory?

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Q: Pranam Gurumaa I am 21 years old student in law. I have viewed your different videos and I have put into practice - tratak and pranayama which is indeed very effective. I did some research on the net and came to know about photo reading. It is said that Swami Vivekananda had photographic memory. But photo reading and photographic memory is apparently not the same. I would like you to tell us more about photographic memory. Can anyone activate his or her photographic memory? If so: how? Gurumaa: Sunaina, photographic memory or the photographic reading, definitely are two different things. Most of the western classical musicians have a photographic reading & while they are reading first one line audibly in a glance they have already read the next 4 or 5 lines which means that at one moment their eyes have taken a photo picture, a picture of the whole page which is write in front of them. They have read the notes but consciously they will be focusing on that one line which they are supposedly to play at that time. But the photographic memory is all together different thing. How do you get it? Well, for that you need to work upon your mind. And you can not work upon your mind until you have worked upon your body & breath. So you will have to masters some asanas and then you will have to master the pranayama which is a serious job and once you have done that then this photographic memory comes as bonus to you. You need not follow a strategic plan to gain this ability.

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